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ErgoRest Articulating Arm Supports. The highest quality arm support available, provides comfortable arm, shoulder and neck support with unrestricted motion. Scientific studies have shown that muscle tension in the neck and shoulders can be significantly reduced by using these armrests. An optional mouse pad attachment is a popular combination.

The ERGOREST was introduced in 1995 and was the winner of the Tylenol Arthritis Foundation Design Awards. These armrests allows you to effortlessly maintain neutral wrist position during horizontal movement across the keyboard or other work surface. This crucial position allows arms and hands to glide without ulnar deviation. Tendons controlling fingers and hands move with minimal resistance, and hands are able to maintain a free flow of activity without lifting the arms. See the complete line of ErgoRest products.

Ergonomic Keyboards Keyboards The ErgoMagictm Keyboard System increases typing comfort and decreases fatigue. Sections can be positioned close together or further apart - adjusts to each person's shoulder width. The Comforttm Keyboard is ergonomically designed with sections that separate and are totally adjustable into an infinite number of positions to meet the unique needs of each individual. ErgoFlextm has three keyboard sections for flexibility. See the complete line of keyboard systems.
Ergonomic Trackballs Ergo Trackball The space-saving alternative to a mouse, the Ergo Trackball is ergonomically shaped and made for either right or left handed use. Models with 2 and 3 buttons. Combo trackballs with detachable wrist rests & scroll lock button. Resolution from 20 up to 6,400dpi gives extreme dynamic control. Rugged tactile click micro-switch Keys. Models for USB, PS/2 and Serial.

See the complete line of trackballs.

Cozy Legs Office and Workplace Heating
Cozy Legs
"Sometimes my feet would get cold and it would affect my productivity. After I installed the Cozy Legs, it was a huge improvement. I think that having warmer legs may even help me stay more healthy".

The Cozy Legs panel can be attached to the side or back of the inside of the deskor can be supported by an optional stand. It has a three position switch for Off, Low and High.

See the full Cozy Leg product line that includes rubber heating mats, carpeted heating mats and heated footrests.


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